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Introduction is proud to announce the launch of its new Subscription Services Hub. This innovative hub offers a streamlined solution for UK companies needing to access a qualified competent person in health and safety, data protection officers, and ISO support. With’s Subscription Services Hub, businesses can now ensure their compliance, security, and operational efficiency effortlessly.

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Streamlined Solutions for Businesses’s Subscription Services Hub is suitable for companies across multiple industries. Each service in our Subscription Hub offers three different levels of support and our subscription model provides businesses with flexible and scalable services, enabling businesses to customise their subscription to ensure you are meeting your compliance needs. With each subscription, businesses will receive a Certificate of Service and will be add to our Contract Database, where clients can verify your cover online. 

Health & Safety Competent Person

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is paramount for every organisation. With’s Subscription Services Hub, companies can easily connect with a qualified, Health & Safety Competent Person. Our experts possess the knowledge and experience necessary to develop, implement, and maintain robust safety protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating risks.

The service ensures businesses’ compliance with health and safety rules by swiftly granting a competent person certificate and expert guidance.

UK law (Regulation 7, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999) mandates access to qualified health and safety advice for organisations. Employers must guarantee employee well-being and safety, offering secure work environments and adequate training while assigning a competent person to fulfill health and safety obligations.

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Outsourced Data Protection Officer

In an increasingly digital world, data protection has become a critical concern for businesses of all sizes.’s Subscription Services Hub provides access to a proficient data protection officer who can help your organisation establish and maintain robust data protection practices. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of data privacy regulations and can assist with compliance, risk assessment, incident response, and training.

The Outsourced DPO service is a cost-effective solution for businesses to fulfil GDPR obligations without employing a full-time in-house DPO.

In the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation mandates certain entities to appoint a DPO responsible for overseeing data protection, providing guidance, and acting as a liaison with regulatory bodies.

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Risk Assist Helpdesk ISO Support

Achieving ISO certification is a testament to a company’s commitment to quality, security, and efficiency. However, the process of implementing and maintaining ISO standards can be overwhelming. The Risk Assist Helpdesk, powered by Assent, offers a tailored, cost-effective consultancy solution. Through an online ticket system, clients can easily access experienced consultants for prompt responses, irrespective of location. The service provides tailored consultative advice, document templates, and examples for informed decision-making, catering to the various needs of your organisation.

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Benefits of’s Subscription Services Hub:

  1. Convenience: Businesses no longer need to invest time and resources in sourcing multiple service providers or going through lengthy recruitment processes.’s Subscription Services Hub provides a one-stop solution for all compliance and support needs.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: By subscribing to’s hub, firms can access top-notch services at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time personnel or engaging multiple service providers.
  3. Expertise on-demand: ensures that businesses have access to qualified professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience, enabling them to receive expert guidance whenever required.

Each service is available in 3 levels of support

Basic ProfessionalAdvanced
Health & Safety Competent Person 4 Hrs p/m
Suitable for Service based businesses up to 20 staff
Recommended 1 location.
-8 Hrs p/m
– Suitable for Service-based businesses up to 20 staff
– Recommended 1 location.
– 16hrs p/m
– Suitable for Service-based businesses up to 20 staff
– Recommended 1 location.
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Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)– 4 Hrs p/m
– Suitable for Service based businesses up to 20 staff — Handling minimal personal information.
– 8 hrs p/m
– Suitable for service-based business or low-risk production with 20 – 40 staff
– Handling some sensitive personal information.
– 16hrs p/m
– Suitable for General Construction and manufacturing businesses 40+
– Handling larger volumes of Personal Information.
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Risk Assist Helpdesk – 1 hrs consultancy p/m
– Suitable for businesses with a good understanding of their compliance regime and in-house resources, but may need occasional access to competent advice on international standards and risk.
– 2 hrs consultancy p/m
– Suitable for businesses with some understanding of their compliance regime and require more frequent questions about international standards and risks.
– 3 hrs consultancy p/m
– Suitable for businesses who do not have an in-house compliance resource and have regular questions or require template documentation.
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With the launch of our new Subscription Services Hub, we are simplifying and streamlining essential services for businesses in the UK. Whether it’s acquiring competent persons in health and safety, data protection officers, or ISO support, companies can now access these specialists conveniently through one platform. With’s Subscription Services Hub, businesses can strengthen their compliance, protect their data, and achieve ISO certification, all while focusing on their core operations. Embrace this innovative solution and elevate your organization’s safety, security, and operational efficiency today.

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