New ISO Legal Register with 294 UK Entries 

Compliance experts, Assent Risk Management has made 294 UK Legal Register entries available to search on the platform.

Each piece of legislation is ‘tagged’ with metadata including relevant ISO Standards, industries, countries and status, helping organisations identify the UK legislation relevant to their management systems.

ISO Standards with a Legal or Compliance Requirement

Many ISO Management System standards require organisations to identify applicable legislation or compliance obligations and provide a detailed approach to how they comply with those requirements.

Currently available on the platform is the Legal Register Template and a free monthly newsletter with legal updates. 

This is supported by Assent’s expert ISO Consultants who help organisations implement ISO management systems including a legal register, and can provide a Legal Compliance Evaluation Audit.

Common standards with a legal requirement include:

Filter Legislation by Standard or Industry

Our new searchable legal register database enables organisations to browse legislations based on their industry or the standard they are implementing. 

In addition, our monthly newsletter provides access to our latest Spreadsheet template.

This is an ideal starting place for organisations implementing ISO management systems with a legal requirement.

Consultancy Support 

Maintaining a UK Legal Register can be difficult and while organisations can do this in-house, Assent’s ISO consultants are best placed to help

We can help organisations implement the requirements of the standard, build a legal register, monitor for updates and conduct a Legal Compliance Evaluation Audit.  

Contact us for more information.


We are not legal advisors and can not provide any advice in relation to the legislation.  However, we have implemented many management systems which have been audited by external certification bodies, and during that time we have come to gain a good understanding of applicable legislation and how they are generally addressed.

Contact us for more information and to help you with ISO Standards.

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