Why Should Start-Ups Implement ISO?

When starting your business, ISO might not be on the top of your priority list, however, there are many benefits to implementing management systems and achieving certification during the early stages of your business. 

Not sure where to start with ISO?

The expert consultants at Assent Risk Management can help you understand and implement your whole ISO Management System project.

Benefits of ISO in Start-ups 

Establishing good habits. 

By implementing ISO management systems early on, you can avoid creating bad habits that can easily develop around day-to-day business issues such as quality, environmental and health and safety. ISO management systems are a relatively simple and time-efficient way to manage these issues. It allows the framework, and associated processes, to grow with the company – setting the culture for new team members coming in. 

Prepare for Growth

ISO management systems provide a scaleable framework for your business as it grows. Once in place, you will have a strong foundation that can grow with your business. 

Access larger contracts quicker

The procurement process for larger contracts often recognises ISO certification in the decision-making process.

It can also save time in preparing a tender because rather than providing individual evidence of compliance, ISO certification is an independently audited mark of your arrangements.

Possible financial subsidy for implementation and/or certification 

Your business may have publicly funded grants available to help with the cost of ISO implementation and/or certification. Also, many consultants and certification bodies will be able to provide a package for start-ups and small businesses to enable them to achieve ISO certification at a reduced cost.

Quality Assurance that’s Internationally Recognised 

If you have come across ISO Certification as a buyer of products and services, or when supplying services to your own customers, you will recognise its value in the supply chain.

Organisations that implement ISO standards demonstrate a commitment to continually improving their processes, while the impartial third-party audit of their system gives some assurance that they are operating to the requirements of the standard.  

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How Do I Start the ISO Certification Process?

Our free knowledge base has templates and documents that can help you implement an ISO management system. However, achieving ISO Certification does require some time and resources which can be a barrier for some organisations that might not feel ready to begin the process. Consultants such as Assent Risk Management can help you through the ISO Certification process and suggest an implementation route that works best for you. 

If you have some processes already, they can perform an ISO Gap Analysis to determine what else needs to be done. However, if you are starting from a completely blank page, their tried and tested project plan and supporting documents can help you easily meet the requirements.

They offer support throughout the whole project, liaising with the ISO Certification Bodies to get quotes and set audit dates.

Their ISO Consultants will also attend external audits to support your team and resolve any potential issues that could put your ISO Certification at Risk.

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