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UK Legal Register Template


Many Annex SL based ISO Standards require the identification of legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.

In addition, many require you to provide evidence of a Compliance Evaluation.

While the standards do not mandate that this should be documented in a legal register, this template does provide a simple means of capturing and managing legal (and other) requirements.

Assent Risk Management has made 294 UK Legal Register entries available to search on’s Legal Register Database.

Each piece of legislation is labelled with additional information including; associated ISO Standards, industries, countries, and current status. This assists businesses in pinpointing the specific UK laws applicable to their management systems.

By presenting our legal register data in a searchable manner, companies have the option to explore legislation based on their industry or the standard they are incorporating, to identify applicable legislation.

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About Assent Information Services

The above mailing list and legal register template is provided by Assent Information Services, a function of Assent Risk Management – ISO Consultants.

Disclaimer: Errors and omissions excepted, Resilify and Assent are not legal advisors and we do not provide legal advice. However, over many years of implemented ISO Management Systems and undergoing external audit by Accredited Certification Bodies, we have developed a good understanding of how to comply with the legal and contractual clauses of many ISO standards.

To answer specific legal queries we can refer you to a properly qualified and experienced legal counsel.

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