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How do I Record Competence, Training & Awareness Activity in ISO 14001:2015?


This Competence, Training and Awareness Process can be adopted or changed as required by the user to meet Clauses 7.2 and 7.3 of ISO 14001:2015. It’s important to maintain documentation to evidence the effectiveness of the process.

Competence in ISO 14001:2015

It’s important to determine and document what competencies are required by people doing work under the organisation’s control. These may be unique to the organisation and activities involved.


Training needs associated with your environmental aspects and impacts should also be identified. Training may be formal and structured, or informal and specific to an aspect – such as a tool box talk.

However documented evidence of the training should be maintained, including some method of assessing the effectiveness of the training, for example a test score.


The standard provides a specific list of topics that both internal and external parties should be made aware of.

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