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How do I Document Process Interaction for ISO 9001:2015


Documenting operational processes is unique to each organisation. This Operational Process Interaction Guidance and example diagram can be used to structure your Quality Management System.

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Scope

When documenting your operational processes, consideration should be given to the scope of your QMS.

Processes which are outside the scope of the system may still be referenced but should be considered as external to the QMS and therefore may require more quality checks where there is an interaction of processes.

Process Approach

The Quality Management Standard takes a process approach, considering each process has an input and an output. This enables processes to be linked together through flowcharts and other documentation.

This approach also makes auditing the QMS easier.

Process Mapping

While processes can be documented internally, the use of a consultant to map your operational processes can bring many benefits. Find out more about Process Mapping Consultants.

Operational Process Interaction Guidance

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