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An Approved Supplier List for ISO 9001:2015


Processes, Products and Services that are provided by external parties can have a significant impact on the organisation and it’s customers.

Therefore ISO 9001 requires the organisation to control these aspects within it’s quality management system.

While there is no explicit requirement for an Approved Supplier List, it’s can provide a simple solution for small organisations.

What is an Externally Provided Process in ISO 9001?

While buying products and services from an external provider (supplier) is common practice in many industries, the idea of externally provided processes may not be.

If you rely on a process provided by a party outside your organisation, such as payroll or part of a production process, then you should address the quality controls as part of your quality management system.

You might recognise this as outsourcing.

OnBoarding Suppliers

This template ‘approved suppliers list’ does not address the supplier onboarding process. A template new supplier form can be found here.

Approved Supplier List Template

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